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    The Effortless Serverless Scheduling Solution

    Easily manage and automate tasks with NextCron‘s intuitive and flexible scheduling platform. Start scheduling in minutes.


    First-class developer experience

    Crafting the Future of Task Automation. Our vision is to elevate developers' potential by providing a seamless task scheduling platform. NextCron V2 is the embodiment of efficiency, designed for developers who demand reliability and precision in every job orchestrated.

    NextCron - Effortless Task Scheduling

    Effortless Task Scheduling

    Our dev stack is built with top-notch technologies including React for dynamic UIs, Node.js for scalable backends, and PostgreSQL for reliable data storage.

    NextCron - Reliable Job Execution

    Reliable Job Execution

    With NextCron V2, gain the confidence of reliable job execution. Our robust retry logic and failover strategies mean that your critical tasks are in safe hands, giving you the freedom to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

    Unleash Your Productivity

    We built it, so you don't have to

    Precision Scheduling

    Schedule your HTTP-based tasks with the exactness of a Swiss watch. Queue up jobs to run from instantly to any point in the future.

    Smart Retries

    Never miss an execution with intelligent retry mechanisms, ensuring your API endpoints are hit even when there are hiccups.

    Real-time Monitoring

    Stay informed with real-time updates on your jobs' status, ensuring full visibility and control over task execution.

    Instant Triggers

    Respond to events with lightning speed by triggering HTTP callbacks that can execute complex workflows effortlessly.

    Cron Job Compatibility

    Leverage familiar CRON expressions to set up recurring tasks, making time-based job scheduling straightforward and powerful.

    Layered Scheduling

    Combine one-time, delayed, and recurring jobs to create a layered scheduling strategy that fits your application's needs.


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    Discover cost savings, revenue growth, and operational efficiency with our integrated and comprehensive SaaS platform.


    $0.00 / mo

    • Up to 10000 jobs per month
    • Integrations with Third-Party
    • 1 seats
    • Email support
    • Priority support

    Indie Hacker

    $9.00 / mo

    • Up to 500000 jobs per month
    • Integrations with Third-Party
    • 3 seats
    • Email support
    • Priority support


    $20.00 / mo

    • Up to 10000000 jobs per month
    • Integrations with Third-Party
    • 10 seats
    • Email support
    • Priority support

    Our Delighted Clients

    We are not done yet, check these out.

    Cardano Feed delivers news in over 24 languages about Cardano cryptocurrency. NextCron empowered us to develop an intelligent crawler that searches the web for news, eliminating our infrastructure needs for asynchronous tasks.

    Otavio LimaCEO at Cardano Feed

    Digivets offers a web-based creation tool with an integrated scheduling system for veterinarians. Implementing NextCron was crucial for establishing our comprehensive scheduling control system, streamlining the process within minutes.

    Felipe BarcelosCTO at Digivets

    As an agency, we're tasked with developing new platforms and websites for our clients. NextCron has enabled us to enhance performance for various tasks, such as generating reports and sending emails, by efficiently running them in the background.

    William RulliCEO at Will Hack

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